The Convict’s Tweets: Between Human Rights and the Progress of Guidance in Prisons.

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Signalpasntb – Not many people know how the progress of coaching in prisons is carried out, when the only thing that echoes is how to protect the human rights of prisoners, but forget to protect the human rights of the nation’s children who are taken by force due to drug abuse.

Some time ago we were shocked by the confessions of several former convicts who had served time at the Yogyakarta Narcotics Prison Class IIA, wich one of the convicts convicted of drug abuse with the initials V admitted that he had received a number of harsh and violent treatments and sexual harassment from the officers at the Yogyakarta Narcotics Prison Class IIA from the beginning of entry.

As he said when appearing in Mata Najwa talkshow, that V state himself was a recidivist. Not only V who received such treatment, not only recidivists, but along with 12 inmates who had just entered the Yogyakarta Class IIA Narcotics Prison.

There is nothing wrong with their confession, because the fact is that not many ordinary people know and understand or directly looking at the actual conditions in prisons. Well, how about we flashback again about the great power of this drug inside and outside prisons.

In prison, a convict based on regulations is not allowed to carry a cellphone, why? One of the reasons is that they cannot control drug trafficking from within prisons. So at the Narcotics Prison, not only prisoners are searched, officers are also searched without exception. What for? Because this is an effort to minimize and prevent drug trafficking routes that damage children, relatives, parents and the entire younger generation in this region, because dealers and users who stay in Yogyakarta Narcotics Prison Class IIA no longer have access to.

Before this violent case goes viral, did you know that in the past with normal treatment, which was reguler, in 2020 more than 400 cellphones were found in bunkers at several block points made by these drug convicts, read the news here. This means that they have various ways and efforts to keep drug trafficking under control, both inside prisons and outside prisons.

It’s true, maybe the enforcement of discipline and the pattern of coaching that is being carried out is excessive in its application, but let’s remember why the Yogyakarta Narcotics Prison Class IIA was Choices as a pilot prison even from the BNN (National Narcotics Agency) and the local Police Office were awarded it as the Shining Prison (clean from drugs), read on here.

Or maybe we need to look back at how difficult it is to discipline and instill the right doctrine in these drug dealers and users when their brains are already controlled by this addictive substance. Even someone who is very rich has to spend hundreds of millions to treat their addiction. Fact! Changing their behavior is very difficult if doing in the usual ways, which is why a mental coaching action is needed before starting the actual coaching program.

Once again, it’s wrong to treat assertiveness with excessive force, but we can’t just look at it from that one point of view. Most of Citizen never entered and see directly into the Yogyakarta Narcotics Prison Class IIA , there are several things that must be known here, such as:

  1. The Yogyakarta Narcotics Prison Class IIA is not over capacity, meaning that their livability and health here can describe as good and proper;
  2. The cleanest prison author have ever seen, no dust bars in even the smallest cells;
  3. In each residential room it doesn’t even smell like the smell of prison, because the occupants have been taught to live clean and tidy;
  4. There is no bad smell of sewage in each water culvert, everything is neat and very clean;
  5. Here, as a form of support for their health, apart from being cut off from drugs, therapy is also provided to control their addiction to cigarettes. No inmates are allowed to smoke in the room, they are given cigarettes as a form of reward if they behave well, and even then it is limited to 2 cigarettes a day, in a place provided with CCTV surveillance. Automatically, their lungs will continue to improve;
  6. Prisoners are provided with rehabilitation services to help recover from drug addiction gradually, for mental and physical recovery;
  7. Here they are taught to be disciplined and responsible for the facilities provided, as a form of guidance that life must be responsible for themself, family and nation;
  8. Prison with adequate Primary Clinic facilities, so that the first treatment in case of illness for prisoners can be handle faster;
  9. A prison with the cleanest and most hygienic kitchen that the author has ever seen, the processing of the kitchen waste stream is filtered according to the direction of the local Health Office, everything is neat, orderly and odorless;
  10. Skills training room that really supports training programs for prisoners, a fairly representative room with its own exhibition gallery, and has even collaborated with the Government of DI Yogyakarta in supporting and appreciating prisoners, where their handicrafts are exhibited at the Yogyakarta Exhibition Gallery;
  11. Facilities to connect with the outside world also available, through a special Phone services for prisoners who are scheduled and remain under the supervision of officers;
  12. The online visiting service room is quite comfortable, so that they can still stay in touch with their families even though they cannot meet in person due to the covid-19 pandemic;
  13. Spiritual development through religious activities in prisons according to their respective religions.

Next, if you want to know how hard it is to recover drug addicts, read on here and how these drug dealers are actually perpetrators of extraordinary crimes as revealed by the head of the National Narcotics Agency in past 2018 read here and how they manipulate to destroy the nation’s next generation as in a number of cases read the news here.

The damage causes by these dealers and addicts is extraordinary. Addicts can become thieves to fulfill their need for drugs, can be rapists when under the influence of drugs, can be oppressors for anyone around parents, family and surrounding communities when under the influence of drugs.

However, they are also human beings who must be treated humanely. Then the question is how to provide a deterrent effect based on human rights. May be good to try, the authorities to conduct a study of field data, with the main points as follows:

  1. How many percentage of success of drug addicts in stopping using drugs through human rights-based efforts?
  2. How many percentage of successful drug addicts are not repeat their fault an not become recidivist with light punishment and mediocre treatment?
  3. If it’s like the previous discourse, that users must receive rehabilitation, then why not try out that only National Narcotics Agency (BNN) accommodate them for rehabilitation? Not even longer in prison?

Then ask again, are we all only talk about theory above the law or have you ever been involved in prison practice? Think deeply.

This Article is actually made not to blame anyone or defend anyone, but rather to make us both learn to understand about the actual situation and conditions. How difficult it is to control traffickers and addicts, how difficult it is to nurture them in ordinary ways, how much money the state must spend to nurture them, to ensure that these addicts who are mostly recidivist eat and live properly in prisons. And all of their costs come from people’s taxes!

There is nothing wrong with the enforcement of human rights in prisons, and some officer’s are indeed at fault in this coaching process. Those convicts should be given a chance to realize their mistakes, but in the case of addicts and dealers, try to be careful and look back, that they are very difficult to deal with.

For correctional officers wherever you are, keep the spirit and keep improving yourself. For people out there, citizen, keep learning to see this from all sides, because actually drug dealers and drug addicts in their recovery need support from many parties, but also need special treatment in handling, different from other criminal cases.

You can see less about Yogyakarta Narcotics Prison Class IIA here.

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